COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

Please join Phoenix Union Foundation for Education (PUFE) in stepping up to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our community at large during this COVID-19 crisis. (Click here to read our April 15th Press Release.)

The COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund assists families in the PXU School District providing food, toiletries, laptops, and much more. All funds raised through and for the fund will go directly to ensuring the students and families of PXU receive the relief they need.

If you are inclined to donate dollars or items to the fund to support PXU students, please contact Laura Taylor, administrator for the PUFE to accept your donation and ensure it gets into the hands of those who need it most., 480-289-5761

Use the DONATE button below to contribute directly to this Emergency Relief Fund.

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Thank you for joining forces with Phoenix Union Foundation for Education in efforts to support the students and families in need.