You’d like to participate and give back to the Phoenix Union Foundation for Education Community? Scholarship student looking to meet their volunteer requirements? Below are the current options we have to participate outside of donating, sponsorship or participating in our regular events. Please email info@foundation4education.org with questions. 

Scholarship Readers

Scholarship reader volunteers read the scholarship applications for the Phoenix Union High School District seniors who have applied for our spring 2022 scholarships. The requirements for scholarship readers are minimal. They must have graduated for college and not have an affiliation with any of the applicants.

Volunteer readers will be assigned applications to read/score. We will provide a grading rubric to offer scoring consistency and access to the student profile to record their score. Readers do not make final decisions on the scholarships, but help us to evaluate the large quantities of scholarships that come in.

Opportunity closed for 2022 – Please check back spring 2023.

Scholarship Reader Dates
Deadline to Volunteer:
 February 20, 2022
Application Assignments sent to readers: April 5, 2022
Reader Scores Due: April 15,2022

*If you have volunteered to read this year and have heard from us or have questions on your review, please contact scholarships@foundation4education.org.

Every year, our readers say that it is an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Please consider participating this year, and if you know of someone else who may be interested, please share this with them. You may contact scholarships@foundation4education.org with any questions.